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Domain moved to

Posted on: 9:27 am by: admin

In order to respect the guideline of about the TLD use of domains, i moved the Sendit plugin site here, also migrated all customers orders and site’s content. Please refer here for more information about Sendit. My old domain was containing the wordpress reserved word and it’s forbidden so, if you are developer […]

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New Sendit update 2.4.0

Posted on: 9:31 am by: admin

Biggest change are introduced to these commits. Actually Sendit 2.4.4 comes out with a lot of big fixes and 2 premium plugin moved in the free installation (css inliner tool and template manager) in frontend and back end. Let’s see what’s new in this release: Frontend New Subscription form widget Ajax subscription improvements Spinner js […]

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New Sendit Documentation

Posted on: 12:06 pm by: admin

Finally i’m spending some time to build some serious documentation about Sendit and about Sendit Pro plugins. You can check the Documentation section with some new sections to getting started and understand Sendit and all his premium features. Actually there is: Getting Started Mailing list configuration Smtp integration Using Cron Jobs with Sendit Pro Scheduler […]

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WordPress 4 and Sendit

Posted on: 9:30 am by: admin

As you should know WordPress 4 “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman is finally out with a lot of interesting new features, first of all the new Tinymce embed visual preview (just copy and paste youtube url and it will generate live the video preview), a new and improved media gallery […]

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Sendit SMTP service

Posted on: 7:16 pm by: admin

Hi all, i’m glad to re-introduce my partnership with the most important SMTP / EMAIL service to send newsletter. Sendit users  can finally send newsletters and build marketing campaigns with WordPress Sendit and You can reach out to your  customers through email with the industry experts in email deliverability and my Wordpress newsletter plugin Sendit. SMTP consistently achieves […]

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New Sendit 2.2.7

Posted on: 11:34 pm by: admin

We are back! First of all I have to say to all people using Sendit, thanks for your support, the plugin is now reaching almost 70.000 downloads. Unfortunately, as some of you already know, the old site has been hacked, causing many of you to have problems with the plugin. But finally your patience has been […]

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Too much work but i’m still here!

Posted on: 9:32 pm by: admin

Hi guys in last two months i was really busy on some big travel websites that totally involved me so i’ve been a little bit out of scene fo Sendit. But i’m still here, probably i will release some upgrades as the creation of tw o fields as you asked me: the ip address of […]

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Sendit is coming back

Posted on: 8:08 pm by: admin

Dear Sendit Lovers and customers. This site was destroyed durying christmas and i’m trying to rebuild with a backup wishing soon. You are all invited to come back here in a few days.  

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