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The first thing to know and to do when working with email marketing / newsletter and (large) mailing lists is to ask to your provider which is the limit of recipients per hour. Sendit (free) has a delivery engine which sends out emails without any scheduled job, which can be too easy but also too dangerous or even useless with large mailing lists. Use the free plugin if you own small mailing lists and if your subscribers are not more than 500 / 1000. If you need to send more newsletters and reach more subscribers, you need to extend your Plugin and buy Sendit Pro Scheduler.

Sendit Free Installation

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  1. Download the ZIP package from WordPress Site or install directly from your wp-admin
  2. Unzip the package in order to obtain the sendit folder of the plugin.
  3. Upload the sendit folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin and go to the “Plugins” page in your dashboard.
  5. Activate Sendit plugin by clicking “Activate” link.
  6. To start using the plugin, click on the “Newsletters” menu item in your dashboard.

Quick Use

  1. Go to List Management from Sendit Sidebar menu and Manage your mailing lists, by updating the “from” address and list’s template. Remember that each list has an associated template easily customizable by changing Header and Footer html code, or if you have Sendit Pro Template Manager see this about Template customization
  2. Go to Newsletters panel, Add a newsletter by writing title and content. You can also choose from the latests articles metabox existing content to send directly into editor. Select the receiver list and the action “Send Now” to send the newsletter. If you have Sendit Scheduler for large mailing lists, select the option Send with Pro to schedule the job.

Subscription Form Widget and Shortcode

  1. Your Sendit subscription form is available as a shortcode to insert in your page, or as a Widget to drag and drop into your sidebar
  2. Subscription is double opt in so subscribers have to confirm their subscription, you just have to specify the list ID as you can see in the following picture.

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Upgrade the plugin

Upgrade Sendit from WordPress auto-update plugins page when a new version is notificated or simply download the new version and replace the old one.

With version 2.2.0 I introduced the new Sendit Control Panel with All settings in one page.