1. Under the newsletter list the next send show me a wrong date like 01/01/1970 what i have to do?
    Just deactivate and reactivate Sendit Scheduler and your next job time will be fixed
  2. Where i can find some Newsletter template for Sendit?
    if you buy Sendit premium All in One you will find a Templates.zip file containing 3 template to start, just import as normal WordPress XML file and it’s done!
  3. My list does’nt receive email / newsletter why?
    Probably you are not using an SMTP server or you are on some hosting with sending limitations. Think about some great smtp service as Sendit Smtp, and check your ISP’s limits.
  4. How to add an header image logo to your template?
    Just edit the template and upload the desired image as featured image. If you look into header html code you will find a shortcode with [LOGO], and that will be the place where your logo header image will be placed.
  5. How to add exixting content to newsletter for example last post to send to subscribers?
    Sendit does it for you really easy and quickly. On the bottom of edit newsletter screen you will find a metabox to append existant content. It will be automatically add the featured image and the excerpt with the read more text.
  6. How Sendit Pro tracks newsletters?
    It tracks only newsletters readed and with images opened. So you will have stats about who opened your newsletter with images. (it contains an 1px transparent image tracker).
  7. Can i try on a Localhost enviroment (mamp etc).
    For Sure! Be sure to have the sendmail extension enabled on your php.ini, (i am an happy mac users so on my macbook air with Maverick works great without any stress). You can also connect from your localhost to external smtp service using port 465 and SSL in most cases