New Sendit 2.2.7

We are back!

First of all I have to say to all people using Sendit, thanks for your support, the plugin is now reaching almost 70.000 downloads. Unfortunately, as some of you already know, the old site has been hacked, causing many of you to have problems with the plugin.
But finally your patience has been repaid, as there are some really good news for you!

First of all, the new Sendit website is now on!

New Sendit 2.2.7

Also, the new updated Sendit is now ready for you to download for free. All major bugs fixed and an improved interface for WordPress 3.8

New plugins pro

New pro plugins are upgraded, so if you are already owner of Sendit Premium Suite, please just send an email to and I will arrange a FREE upgrade for you. If you are not already owner of Sendit Premium Suite or you have only some of the pro plugins, get your chance to buy now the full Suite for 10 euros only, using the special code below.

Go to the shop and when you are in the cart section, use this code:


You will pay Sendit Premium (the entire Suite including all pro plugins) for the special price of 10 euros instead of 30.

Looking forward to hearing your feedbacks soon!



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