Sendit Pro Analytics Campaign Tracker


Product Description

This plugin adds a meta box with Google analytics Tracking variables and auto append these parameters to all your newsletter’s url.

How many people click links on newsletters to visit your website? What do they do once they get there? Do Text emails work better than HTML emails? Those are some of the questions you will be able to answer if you use Sendit Pro Analytics Campaign Tracker to track your email newsletters with Google Analytics.
Here is how you do it. When you are creating the links in your newsletter, this plugin find and add the URL you want to use, and fill the following parameters:

1. Source: (newsletter edition, e.g. newsletter-apr-2012)
2. Medium: email
3. Term: (identifier for the place where the visitor is clicking, e.g. top-image)
4. Content: [txt or html]
5. Name: (newsletter name, e.g. product-news)