Setting an SMTP server with Sendit

SMTP is a mail delivery protocol only and his usage can ensure the correct delivery of your Sendit newsletters. There are some basic configuration to know in order to send mail via SMTP. First of all you have to know hostname, port, authentication type (ssl/plain/tls). Each hosting provider has normally his own settings, so before to setup ask to your prvider for smtp relais, params and limit. You can also test your email from localhost enviroment locally also connecting to external smtp services. I used and worked with a lot of popular hosting provider from italy and u.s.a. and i got some tipical configurations to share with you. Basically the best way is to use port 465 and SSL connections, should work on 99% also with the MAMP / Localhost enviroment! If you are not familiar it’s hard to understand exactly how a SMTP Relay Service Provider helps deliver emails, but basicallly it’s like an identifier for you a special signature for your emails with neutral IP and a great “reputation” (to avoid the spam risk).

There are a lot of SMTP external relay service, and i will put some configuration example to use with Gmail Smtp / / Sendgrid. Basically Sendit allows you to decide and set your SMTP provider overriding all email wordpress settings via phpmailer, so if you setup smtp all your email will use your Sendit Smtp Settings.

Sendit Smtp Service (in partnership with

I am in partnership with SMTP.con, one of most popular and effordable smtp service of the world.

  • The outgoing mail server name should state
  • Please, make sure the SMTP authentication (SASL) is on, and that your SASL username match your registered sender email address and password matches the one that you registered at Arialsoftware.
  • Verify that you are using an SMTP port that works with your Internet Service Provider, we generally recommend 2525; other options are 25, 2082 and 25025
  • Encryption (SSL or TLS) should be off.


Get an account on Sendgrid following  this link (also free account) if you want just to test, and setup following settings:

  • Hostname:
  • username: your sendgrid username
  • password: your sendgrid choosen password
  • Encryption (SSL or TLS) should be SSL
  • port: 465